A few years ago, the cryptocurrency bitcoin took the world by storm , but that does not mean that the entire world population was carried away. There were many who got excited about bitcoin, but there were at least as many who remained skeptical of this new phenomenon.

As a result, many other players saw their cut to try their luck where bitcoin had not quite succeeded in capturing the favor of all people. Then other forms of cryptocurrency began to appear, and eventually the term altcoins was born.

Has similarities with Bitcoin

There is one thing in particular altcoin and bitcon have in common. As we know, both altcoin and bitcoin are forms of cryptocurrency, but what exactly is cryptocurrency? In short, cryptocurrency is a means of payment. So you can use cryptocurrency to pay for you.

An intro to cryptocurrency:

Altcoins is a collective term for all forms of cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin. Below we will take a closer look at what altcoins are. Here you will be able to read everything you need to know about this common term.
we find namely cryptocurrencies such as monero and zcash.

What are altcoins?

Altcoins is an abbreviation for alternative and coin . These are English expressions that can be translated into Norwegian, and then you get the words alternative and coin.

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Altcoins are thus an alternative currency, so in that sense it is quite similar to bitcoin. But altcoins are also an alternative to bitcoin.

Unlike bitcoin, altcoins are not a separate cryptocurrency. As mentioned, Altcoins is a common term for all forms of cryptocurrency that are not bitcoin. That is, altcoins consist of different types of cryptocurrencies, and we will take a look at some of them a little further down.

The term altcoins includes both known and lesser known forms of cryptocurrency. Here you will find different forms of cryptocurrency. Some of them are cryptocurrencies that people have heard a lot about, while others are the first time anyone has heard of them.

Of course, there are different types of altcoins. In practice, this means that some of them are relatively similar as we know bitcoin, while others of them follow their very own patterns.

Different types of altcoins

Cryptocurrency has become more and more common as a means of payment in recent years. There are also very many who have chosen to invest in cryptocurrency. If you have a good investment head, then you can actually earn quite a lot on such an investment.

But back to the actual topic, which is altcoins. A quick Google search will tell you that there are about 2000 different types of cryptocurrencies. This simply means that there are 2000 different types of altcoins, which you are free to use if you want.

A common denominator for all cryptocurrencies that fall into the altcoins category is that they were developed to function as an alternative to bitcoin.

As mentioned, there are 2000 different types of altcoins, so it goes without saying that it is not possible to reach absolutely everyone in this article. But below we are going to take a closer look at some of the most popular cryptocurrencies within this category:


Since an altcoin is defined as a cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin, litecoin is a form of altcoin. Litecoin is one of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency, when one should first disregard bitcoin.

Litecoin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency. This means that this form of cryptocurrency is built on the basis of “mining”. This is a term that can be translated into Norwegian, and then we get the term “digging”. In other words, Litecoin is a mining-based altcoin.

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As mentioned, Litecoin is a very popular form of cryptocurrency. But this cryptocurrency is not alone in being so. On the podium together with litecoin, we find cryptocurrencies such as monero and zcash.


Stablecoins are another form of altcoins. But this cryptocurrency is often characterized by the fact that it is not as insecure as the other forms of cryptocurrency can be.

This form of altcoins stands out from the crowd in that the volatility of the cryptocurrency is lower than the rest of the cryptocurrencies that are part of this common term. In practice, this means that the value of stack coins fluctuates a good deal.

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Although the volatility of stack coins is somewhat lower than it is in connection with other cryptocurrencies, it does not necessarily have to be negative. In practice, this only means that you take a greater risk by investing in this form of altcoin.

Ethereum and Tokens

In connection with altcoins, we will also highlight ethereum and tokens. The reason why we have chosen to highlight them right next to each other is that these are two forms of cryptocurrency that are very similar.

If you’ve heard of tokens before, you’ve probably heard of both security tokens and utility tokens. This can be referred to as the two main groups of tokens, and this is the main difference between them:

Security tokens – a form of cryptocurrency that has some form of underlying intrinsic value. There are many examples of what the underlying intrinsic value consists of, and it can be, for example, a work of art.

Utility tokens – the opposite of security tokens. While security tokens have an underlying intrinsic value, utility tokens lack this. The only value utility tokens have is in the context of that blockchain as a whole. In other words, utility tokens have no intrinsic value.

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There are several examples of cryptocurrencies that can be categorized as either security tokens or utility tokens. Ethereum is a form of both altcoin and utility tokens, while bitcoin can actually be described as a form of utility token.

The reason why altcoins exist

Since there is room for both altcoin and bitcoin on the market, it is obvious that cryptocurrency meets the needs of consumers. However, it is important to emphasize that there are different people who use altcoin and bitcoin.

As mentioned in the introduction, bitcoin took the world by storm when it suddenly appeared as a means of payment and investment a few years ago. However, it is not a matter of course that this is a perfect concept. Otherwise, altcoin probably would not have existed, but it does.

The players who have developed altcoins have studied bitcoin and found a selection of aspects that they have not reached the top score on, and then they have tried to do it even better than their competitor. So that makes altcoins both useful and important, because it has simply given people more options.

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However, it is important to distinguish between altcoins based on actual values and altcoins based on fraud. This goes without saying, but of course it is only the former that you should take advantage of. Everything else you should avoid at all costs!

This separates altcoin from bitcoin

Bitcoin is known to be the most common form of cryptocurrency that exists as of today, while altcoin is a term used for all cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin. But what exactly makes altcoin different from bitcoin?

The differences between altcoin and bitcoin can be divided into three main groups. The three main groups are as follows:

  • The popularity of cryptocurrency
  • The price of the current cryptocurrency
  • The technical aspect of cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is not just the most common form of cryptocurrency. It is also the most popular form, although the competition has undoubtedly become much tougher in recent years.

And most people know what it’s like to have a favorite. There are many examples of this in connection with other things, such as the extent to which one is a user of products from Apple or Windows. Once you have become accustomed to a thing, you do not really want to change.

This means that altcoins have to work very hard if they are ever to have a chance to indulge in those who hold bitcoin close to their heart.

The price of the current cryptocurrency

When it comes to the price of the cryptocurrency in question, which in this case is either altcoin or bitcoin, it is difficult to determine which of them will be the best option. The reason for that is that they have pretty similar tendencies here.

The value of bitcoin is known to fluctuate to a very high degree. This also applies in connection with altcoin, so altcoin and bitcoin are quite similar here. The respective percentages of cryptocurrencies are different, but everything else works quite similarly.

In practice, this means that the value of altcoin and bitcoin tends to change at the same time. This means that when the price of bitcoin goes up, the value of altcoin goes up, and vice versa. Sometimes it can be different, but it is very rare that this is the case.

The technical aspect of cryptocurrency

There is no doubt in connection with the technical aspect of the cryptocurrency in question that the biggest difference lies when it comes to altcoin and bitcoin. When one compares the technical aspect of altcoin and bitcoin with each other, we can see that it is very different.

However, there is quite a lot that is part of the “technical aspect” of both altcoin and bitcoin. In other words, these are several elements that make up the technical aspect.

There are many examples we can cite, but here we have chosen to mention only one element. A classic example of technical elements in connection with both altcoin and bitcoin is how the user’s privacy is maintained in relation to the relevant cryptocurrency.

Is altcoins a good alternative?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that most people have heard of. But it is not possible to say the same in connection with altcoins. This is a term that someone has certainly heard of, but it is far from a matter of course that everyone has heard of it.

Therefore, it is inevitable that many will question how safe altcoins actually are. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around for a while, and there is something this cryptocurrency can gain a lot from. But what about altcoins – is it a good option?

The answer to this question can be more confusing than it sounds, and it is very easy to see why. For the answer is both yes and no. Altcoins can be a good option, but only if you plan to invest a small amount.

Altcoins are characterized, as mentioned, by their high volatility. In practice, this means that the value of altcoins can vary greatly. Therefore, you should never invest so much that it will go beyond your personal finances, because there is no guarantee that it will go well in the end.

How to invest in altcoins

If this is a read that has made you even more eager to invest in altcoins, then we can tell you that it is very easy to do so. If you are considering investing in altcoins, then there are also many different ways to do it.

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Here is one of the steps you can take to invest in altcoins:

  • Find a cryptocurrency exchange that you would like to use and register with it.
  • Create a user account on the exchange you have chosen, and deposit money into your account.
  • Choose the type of altcoins you want to invest in. A good crypto exchange contains a lot of good information that you can use to find out which form will be the best to invest in.

When investing in altcoins (or cryptocurrency in general), it is important to do thorough research. And last but not least, invest in the cryptocurrency you want to invest in!




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