Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2015. Since its launch, this cryptocurrency has experienced tremendous growth, and just 6 years after the cryptocurrency appeared on the market, they have been given a very generous title: The market’s fifth largest cryptocurrency!

In other words, this is a cryptocurrency that makes sure to give cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin tough competition! Below we will take a closer look at this cryptocurrency.
What is Cardano?
What is ADA, besides being a cryptocurrency that has apparently gained a fantastic market position in record time?

This crypto was thus launched in 2015, and developed based on PoS, which Proof of Stake is often abbreviated to. In Norwegian it can be translated to staking. This means that Cardano has a different starting point than Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, both of which are based on mining.

In the same way that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have the tickers BTC and BCH, so Cardano has the ticker ADA. This means that if you see this abbreviation somewhere in connection with cryptocurrency, then it is Cardano that is being referred to.

ADA is thus developed based on staking. In practice, this means that the customer can validate transactions based on how many coins they have in their e-wallet. This simply means that the investment is safer if you invest more coins.
The business idea behind Cardano
Like all other cryptocurrencies, Cardano can be used to complete a transaction without the consumer having to involve a third party. This is also what the business idea is based on.

Like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, Cardano is based on a platform consisting of blockchains. It is this platform that enables you to carry out transactions in a different way than the “regular” system works.

The developers behind cryptocurrencies are not behind how this system works. Why can be illustrated by a simple example. When the bank is involved in payment processes, the bank makes money at varying exchange rates and any fees.

The use of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or another form of cryptocurrency) gives the consumer greater freedom of choice to decide for themselves. The players who took to developing Cardano want to make this opportunity even better than it was before.
You get this by using ADA
By using Cardano, you get the opportunity to save money on every single transaction that you make.

The reason is as mentioned that there is no third party involved in the various transactions.

Instead of having to pay extra to a possible third party, you only need to pay the amount that the counterparty you have traded from will have for the service. Then you are completely free to do what you want with the rest of your money. And it is without a doubt very convenient!
Benefits of using Cardano
Full control over your money is not the only good thing about using Cardano. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why you should do just that.

Below we will take a look at what makes this cryptocurrency a good choice when deciding which cryptocurrency you want to use or invest in.
Cardano is based on a lot of research
It is very rare to see that the development of a new cryptocurrency is based on as much research as has been seen in connection with the development of Cardano. The reason for that is because Cardano really stands out when it comes to just this.

The developers behind Cardano had a clear vision when they started the work. But they were not just content with a vision – they also wanted their cryptocurrency to be based on good research. And you can safely say that they have succeeded!

Those who have had a hand in the game in connection with the development of Cardano knew what they were doing. At the same time, they knew their own limitations, and on these tasks sat the others who were more appropriate to the task!

This was undoubtedly a very good approach, because it has led to Cardano avoiding falling into the same traps as the other cryptocurrencies. Instead, the actors took plenty of time to identify potential problems and come up with good solutions to avoid it.

Cardano wants communication between all systems
The developers behind Cardano also want their system to function as a form of communication between all systems. Since this is a cryptocurrency based on blockchains, it is more than a little unusual to see that this is part of their vision.

But the fact that ADA wants to be a platform that enables people to communicate across systems is both innovative and cool! We are very much looking forward to seeing how this development goes.
Cardano is a third-generation cryptocurrency
It can also be mentioned that Cardano is a third-generation cryptocurrency. This simply means that the developers of Cardano have had a good time observing the market, and have gained a clear picture of what has worked of what the other players have done over the years.


The market is characterized by the fact that many players have a lot of blood on their teeth in the beginning, without really bothering to check out how their idea has worked in practice. Cardano, on the other hand, has made sure to do this.

This simply means that the developers behind Cardano have not contented themselves with developing a cryptocurrency based on the same technology that everyone else has taken as their starting point. The developers behind Cardano have instead made sure to develop a service that actually works .
Are there any disadvantages with Cardano?
Once you have chosen to look at the benefits of Cardano, you will not escape the fact that you also have to look at the opposite. We are, of course, talking about the extent to which there are some disadvantages with Cardano. Or is this cryptocurrency simply perfect?

This cryptocurrency is probably not perfect either. It is important to remember that there are many requirements to be met, and it is not necessarily easy. These are some of the things that the developers of Cardano have to do:

As a cryptocurrency, Cardano must meet a number of needs, which consumers pose to these services in general. These can be both large and small needs, and how difficult it is to satisfy everyone will vary greatly.
They also have to address issues that all cryptocurrency developers are faced with at some point in the process. Where the others have failed, Cardano will try to come to a good solution. Whether it is possible to arrive at a good solution on your own is the big question.
In light of this, Cardano will also make the wheels turn. It is impossible to predict in advance how long the road to having managed to convince that their service is good will be. This is something they only know after they have completed the task.

As you can see from the list above, there is quite a lot Cardano has to prove. And even though Cardano is at the time of writing the market’s fifth largest cryptocurrency, it is not a matter of course that it will remain that way forever. Cardano have to prove what they are good at at all times.

Despite the market position Cardano has built up, it is not to be underestimated that it is only particularly interested that this cryptocurrency is known. For most people, it is relatively unknown in relation to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency with potential
Despite the fact that Cardano also has some potential disadvantages, this is without a doubt a cryptocurrency with great potential. The reason is that the developers have made several smart choices in connection with the development of Cardano as a product.

Below we will take a look at the elements that ensure that Cardano can be referred to as a cryptocurrency with enormous potential:

Cardano is developed with Proof of Stake (staking) as a starting point. When you compare this with Bitcoin, which is developed based on Proof of Work, Proof of Stake is without a doubt the most preferred choice. Among other things, because this method does not require as much energy as Proof of Work does.
Since the developers behind Cardano have engaged professionals in the process, they have a completely different starting point than the players who only take their starting point in the technology that is already available. The fact that Cardano is based on research gives the service a better starting point than the rest, and their platform is therefore more waterproof.
Cardano has had a self-written place in the market in recent years, but this is not something they have taken for granted. Instead, they continue to work well, including having their service updated on a regular basis.

Cardano has also integrated its good business idea into its product, among other things by choosing to give the cryptocurrency a Shelly update. There are several advantages to such an update, including that it ensures that Cardano is more decentralized than the rest.

In this way, Cardano can be further developed so that the cryptocurrency can be used in several areas. This is in line with the original business idea of those behind Cardano, and it is very beneficial – for both developers and consumers!
Cardano available on a variety of platforms
When you invest in cryptocurrency, you have to do it through a platform. This applies regardless of whether you want to invest in Cardano or another cryptocurrency.

And it has actually been said that Cardano is available on a number of different platforms, which is very convenient. This means that there is a good chance that you will find a platform that meets your needs and requirements when it comes to choosing a platform to invest through.

These are some of the platforms that Cardano is accessible through:


Based on this list, eToro is both the largest and most popular on the market. But when it comes to figuring out which platform you want to use, it’s entirely up to you to make that decision.
Find a suitable platform
Before you can begin the process of investing in Cardano, you need to find the right platform for you. It is very important that the platform you choose meets your needs in a good way.

If you are relatively new to this game, it can be a bit challenging to know which platform to go for. Therefore, it is important that you read up on the topic, so that you are better prepared than you would be without having done some research in advance.

The most important factors you should emphasize are the functions, price level and security of the relevant platforms. The common denominator for these elements is that they play a bigger role than most people might think!
How to invest in Cardano
As mentioned, eToro is a very popular platform that most people use when investing in Cardano. Therefore, we have chosen that we will take this platform as our starting point when we tell you how to proceed to invest in Cardano.

However, it is important to note that the procedure may vary slightly from platform to platform. But eToro lets you do it this way:

First of all, you have to create an account on eToro. This is a very simple process, so you do not have to worry about it!
Then you have to choose which payment method you prefer. Here you can actually pay with Visa and other common payment methods such as Mastercard and PayPal!
Then you can start buying Cardano!

If you are a little surprised that we have not mentioned that you have to verify yourself, then it is because you do not have to do until it becomes relevant to withdraw money from your account. It is therefore very easy to use eToro to invest in Cardano.