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Trading cryptocurrency involves a high risk and you can lose all your money. Be aware of current regulations and risks before you trade.

Building Cryptocurrency Portfolio during the Market Turbulence

stock-trading-6525084_1920 (1)

Ordinarily, any investor will be very cautious to gamble with an investment when the market seems extremely unpredictable. The case isn’t any different among the crypto investors especially in the recent times when most of the major cryptos record unprecedented fluctuations in market performance. As you can expect, a drop in those graphs on the …

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Withdrawing your bitcoin investments and returns


So many people are getting into bitcoin trading every other day regardless of the divided opinions about it. It is my guess that as you read this post now, you already know someone who has thought about bitcoin investing or is already actively in it. Also, you know that bitcoin provides a new form of …

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RSCoin – The Central Bank of England’s own cryptocurrency

RSCoin - bank of england

It is no secret that the commitment around cryptocurrency has been twofold, and this has been the case ever since bitcoin was first introduced to most people. One part has been very positive, while the skepticism has been great among others. Because of this, it has long looked bleak for the development of cryptocurrency. But …

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Challenges that Face Bitcoin Adoption in Africa Currently

Challenges that Face Bitcoin Adoption in Africa Currently

Bitcoin has been accepted highly on other continents across the globe. However, most nations have not considered it a decentralized asset utilized in storing and transferring value in Africa. The main challenges facing the adoption of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the continent include: Inadequate cryptocurrency education In all the African nations, no framework has …

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Viable Altcoins investment options


Cryptocurrency use and acceptance is growing and so should be our knowledge about them. The digital currencies are a product of human genius and technology that grows very fast. Currently, cryptocurrencies come in two primary forms including coins and tokens. This difference in cryptocurrencies forms a key subject of discussion in our other post. Bitcoin …

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Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash – What’s the Difference?


Bitcoin (BTC) has long been given the status of the most popular cryptocurrency, and was introduced to the market as early as 2009. This was the market’s first cryptocurrency, but in the following years a number of new cryptocurrencies have emerged and in 2017 came Bitcoin Cash (BCH). What exactly is the difference between Bitcoin …

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DAI – everything you need to know about the stable cryptocurrency


Many people who invest in cryptocurrencies are aware that cryptocurrencies generally have very high volatility. This means that the value can rise sharply, which means that you can make good money. At the same time, the value can potentially fall just as abruptly, which is not as positive. This is one of the main reasons …

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Cryptocurrency ADA (Cardano)


ADA is one of the market’s most well-known forms of cryptocurrency, but is probably also less known to many than Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are looking for an innovative cryptocurrency that is more scalable and sustainable, ADA may be for you. In this guide you will become better acquainted with what exactly Cardano is …

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Everything you need to know about Litecoin


Many people want to buy cryptocurrency, whether it is Bitcoin or an alternative form of cryptocurrency. Among the first alternative cryptocurrencies launched after Bitcoin is Litecoin. also read How to buy cryptocurrency Litecoin is described by some as Bitcoin’s “little brother”, and there are many similarities between the two. Find out if you should invest …

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