Cryptocurrency is a highly relevant topic. Therefore, it is also not uncommon for one or more articles on the topic to appear from time to time.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the role of the news in connection with cryptocurrency.
What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital means of payment . In many cases, it has also proven to be a good investment, and it has contributed to it becoming very popular.

Some people get cryptocurrency to use it as a means of payment, while others get it as an investment. There are in fact many examples that it can be a wise move.

A few years ago, Bitcoin was a concept that was on everyone’s lips. There were very many who were curious about this cryptocurrency, and there were many who invested in it. This turned out to be wise a few years later, as one (1) bitcoin is worth over 500,000 kroner today.

How cryptocurrency is discussed is important
How cryptocurrency is mentioned by the media is important for the development of the concept and for what most people think about the concept.

When we refer to media here, we mean media such as newspapers, radio, and the Internet. Social media, influencers and other well-known names can also be considered part of the media.

How this topic is discussed by these is important because they have a good deal of power. It is also not to be underestimated that people have great trust in the media, and this leads to many people listening to and following what is being said to the letter.

In practice, this means that if a recognized influencer refers to cryptocurrency in a negative way, then there are very many who will have a skeptical attitude to cryptocurrency. But it also works that way the other way around. Positive reviews lead to people being positive about it.
News about cryptocurrency
How much new it is to read about cryptocurrency as a topic is something that varies greatly. One week it can be very much, while another week it can be very little. It probably depends on how much has happened in the field lately.
Cryptocurrency and Squid Game
Lately, there has been a lot of focus on Squid Game and what has been named Squid Game cryptocurrency. It’s a result of the excitement that the Netflix series of the same name has created among the world’s population.

In recent weeks, the Squid Game cryptocurrency has experienced a huge increase in value, before the trend suddenly reversed a few days ago. Now the value of this cryptocurrency has gone to zero, and it is supposed to be very difficult to sell off.
Cryptocurrency and Hillary Clinton
Another well-known name has also spoken to the media about cryptocurrency recently. The person we are referring to is Hillary Cliton. She was the US Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

Hillary Clinton is not in favor of cryptocurrency. Therefore, she turned to the media to encourage people to take cryptocurrency seriously.