The Positive Effects of Cryptocurrency on Online Casinos


It is no secret that payment methods at the best british e casino have long been a challenge for british e players. This is due to a ban on british banks that was introduced in 2010 by the british authorities. The ban takes effect in that british e banks can not carry out transactions directly to british e online casinos.

Fortunately, several options have emerged in recent years, and cryptocurrency is one of these. We will therefore take a closer look at the positive effects that cryptocurrency has brought to british users of online casino games.

Why choose cryptocurrency at online casinos in United Kingdom

In order to play at online casinos, it is important to have reliable methods for depositing and withdrawing money. There was a long question here about which methods british could use, but cryptocurrency has quickly provided the answer to this. As a decentralized system, cryptocurrency falls out of the reach of the british e authorities, which means that british e players can smoothly transfer money to and from their player account.

This has also led many of the best online casinos to accept cryptocurrency as payment, which you can see more about on this page . Here you can find more information about online casino games and which online casinos in United Kingdom offer cryptocurrency as a payment option for their players.

Why do british e-players prefer cryptocurrency?

Previously, british e-players have used e-wallets and VISA / Mastercard for deposits at online casinos, but this came to an abrupt end in 2010. This is due, as we mentioned earlier, to a ban imposed on british banks by regulatory authorities in United Kingdom . Experienced players have participated in this game once before, as they have had to find reliable alternatives quickly.

This has led to the use of prepaid cards, VISA, Mastercard, PaySafe, Neteller, Skrill and a number of different payment methods. However, all of these have been dependent on regulatory approval as centralized payment methods. In short, this means that they use kroner, euros or dollars to move values from A to B.

However, the use of such funds means that companies are vulnerable to losing their license as approved payment methods. Most solutions have therefore lived on borrowed time, something we have unfortunately been confirmed time and time again. Fortunately, the use of cryptocurrency has turned this picture upside down in favor of the players. We will therefore take a closer look at some of the reasons why british players are now increasingly using cryptocurrency for online games.

Easy exchange

An undisputed advantage of cryptocurrency is that it can be exchanged for virtually all centralized values in the world. You can easily create a crypto wallet and exchange british kroner for Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other currencies.

Fast transfer

As cryptocurrency is a decentralized system, you can complete transactions around the clock all year round. This is also one of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrency. This advantage has also ensured that cryptocurrency has become one of the most efficient means of payment for those who carry out international transactions.

Protection of personal data

Last but not least, cryptocurrency is an effective way to secure your personal information online. Cryptocurrency is traded through encrypted networks that only make the transaction itself visible to the rest of the blockchain. This has ensured that you can transfer money to another wallet without having to provide sensitive information about credit cards, names or the like online. We therefore have a feeling that this is technology that will to a large extent become common for online payments in the future.

How do you get started with cryptocurrency?

One reason many people have not explored cryptocurrency is because they think it is complicated. Fortunately, it is far easier than many people think, and we intend to show you just that. We will therefore take a closer look at how you can get started with cryptocurrency for online payments, or deposits at your preferred online casino.

Create a crypto wallet

The first thing you will need is to create a crypto wallet for storing your digital assets. There are a number of different players in the british e market, but eToro and Firi are the most popular. Both of these are free to use, and you get started quickly with both. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself well with the various options before landing on a decision.

Find cryptocurrency

There are more than 3,000 different cryptocurrencies on the market, but there is a small selection that is often preferred as a means of payment. This is because many of the small currencies are very volatile, which makes them unsuitable as a means of payment. You should therefore take a closer look at the most popular ones which are currently Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. These are also the ones that are largely used in online casinos.

Before we move on, it’s good to note the following; it is up to each online casino which currency they accept as a deposit. You should therefore make sure that the cryptocurrency you invest in – can actually be used for deposits where you want to transfer your money.

Transfer cryptocurrency to online casino

Once you have figured out which cryptocurrencies you want to use, it’s time to buy these. The transaction itself is relatively simple, so we will not spend too much time on this. You can choose to transfer NOK through bank transfer or bank card, before you then buy the relevant cryptocurrency for your account.

Then it’s time to send your cryptocurrencies to the online casino. This is done by entering an address for their crypto wallet. This address works in practice as an account number as you enter in your online bank.


Cryptocurrency has quickly become a preferred means of payment for british e-players at online casinos, and it is not without reason. This decentralized system has opened up an opportunity to transfer values to and from a player account safely, quickly and easily.

An opportunity many british players have missed for several years. In this article, we have therefore taken a closer look at some positive effects cryptocurrency has had for the iGaming industry, but also how to quickly get started with using cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

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