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Cryptocurrency has taken over the market in recent years. Slowly but surely it has managed to list its way to the top of the list for trading. Now it has also taken over Great Britain so it holds. Interest in cryptocurrency trading has really exploded. If you have followed the development of the most well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), you can see that the value curve of BTC has gone up and down, up and down since the start. BTC got a REAL boost in value 4-5 years ago, and many Norwegians earned a few extra tens of thousands on this.

Achieving consistency like trading the digital currency ecosystem has a lot to do with your skills, but the trading model on the platform you choose is also very important. There are exchanges whose underlying product offerings in general make it difficult to achieve consistent gains, but with the emergence of the TurboXBT synthetic real estate trading platform, this narrative is beginning to change.

Despite being reasonably new to the market, TurboXBT has a number of features that have positioned it to be on track to take over as a major trading center for both new and professional traders in the near future. This article provides an overview of TurboXBT, its features, trading model, and benefits.

All about the TurboXBT platform

TurboXBT is a next-generation digital trading platform designed to offer both new and professional traders a high earning potential through short-term contract trading

The TurboXBT exchange is a user-friendly trading platform where users can enter into contracts to bet on price gains or losses. The design of the TurboXBT platform supports all this innovative trading model that is unique in the world for exchanging digital assets. The platform is designed to allow traders to enter UP or DOWN contracts depending on their prediction of the movement in the prices of the assets they wish to trade.

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The characteristics of the TurboXBT platform are described below:

Trading methods on TurboXBT

  • Simplicity
    Clearly defined profit and risk expectations are given before positions are taken, with only two order types over different durations.
  • Privacy

Registering an account on the TurboXBT platform does not require a Know Your Customer (KYC). This allowance restores trust to new site visitors, as it helps keep their personal account information private at all times.

  • Layout

The platform design comes with a bold, user-friendly interface that is visually appealing to all users.

In addition, the main offering of the TurboXBT platform requires a high degree of stability. This was taken into account with the underlying design of the stock exchange, and thus the website boasts a 99.90% uptime, which ensures that no profit is left on the table. The security of funds is also guaranteed through the platform’s bank security to secure all the user’s funds. In total, TurboXBT offers a convenient financing mode that involves the four of the most traded digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT and USDC.

  • Speed

As a short-term trading engine, TurboXBT provides high speed for all platform functions. The process from the first visit to the first profit takes about 3 minutes. Orders can be placed immediately with just a few clicks after logging in.

  • A flexible trading entry point

TurboXBT lets everyone trade at their own pace. Users are not obliged to fund their accounts immediately after registration. In fact, they can start shopping at any time they feel they are ready for it.

TurboXBT supports as many as 38 trading pairs sourced from a wide range of 17 digital assets that traverse cryptocurrency, indices, commodities and foreign exchange. Each of the supported asset pairs has its own unique payout rates. The payout rate is also a function of the underlying market conditions within the selected time frame.

To shop on TurboXBT, the user must open an account in a few easy steps using a personal email address and password. This takes a user no more than a couple of minutes. Once the account is opened, funds must be deposited using one of the financing cryptocurrencies listed above. Although the TurboXBT exchange does not charge a commission for the use of the platform, users must take into account the network fees when depositing money, ie fees.

Once a deposit has been made and funds are ready, here is a simple step to make your first trade on TurboXBT:

The user selects the asset pair to trade, such as the BTC / USD pair. An appropriate time frame (which can be anywhere from 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes) that is visible on the chart interface is then selected, and the trade is executed by clicking either the green UP button for upward trend or the red DOWN button to bet on a price drop.

Gains from the trade depend on whether the traded pair gained or lost in value within the set time limit that has been chosen.

While it may seem that it can be as easy to execute trades as described, there can be significant risks involved. As a result, users must act with caution and use good technique to control the risk of minimizing eventual losses. To understand how the platform works before funds are committed to trading, users can take advantage of the demo account available to them when the registration is successful. With the demo, live trading can be placed, and the user is exposed to how winnings and losses are calculated per trade. This is recommended, especially for beginners.

All winnings from trades can be paid out immediately, and there is absolutely no limit to withdrawals. Take out as much as you want, whenever you want.

Benefits of using TurboXBT

There are many benefits to using this trading platform. The most important benefits are listed here:

  • Up to 90% instant profit

Depending on the instrument selected, you can earn up to 90% on a single trade

  • $ 1000 in demo account
    With $ 1,000, everyone can “play” a little on the platform and get to know TurboXBT, before real trading can begin. This is a unique tool for beginners, and it is wise to use it!
  • No minimum or maximum deposit limit
    Deposit limit is completely absent. This means that those who shop can shop according to their own style.
  • Privacy
    Unlike other trading platforms, TurboXBT does not require KYC. All information is safe and secure at all times.
  • Speed
    From registering an account until you can withdraw your first profit from trading takes only 3 minutes. This is incredibly fast!
  • Many trading pairs
    With over 38 trading pairs to choose from, every user will be able to find something they want to shop.

Available trading pairs

With 38 different trading pairs, all users should be able to find something to trade. these are the trading pairs found on TurboXBT:

  • BTC / USD
  • ETH / USD
  • AUD / CAD
  • AUD / CHF
  • AUD / JPY
  • AUD / NZD
  • AUD / USD
  • CAD / CHF
  • CAD / JPY
  • CHF / JPY
  • EUR / AUD
  • EUR / CAD
  • EUR / CHF
  • EUR / GBP
  • EUR / JPY
  • EUR / NZD
  • EUR / USD
  • GBP / AUD
  • GBP / CAD
  • GBP / CHF
  • GBP / JPY
  • GBP / NZD
  • GBP / USD
  • NZD / CAD
  • NZD / CHF
  • NZD / JPY
  • NZD / SGD
  • NZD / USD
  • USD / CAD
  • USD / CHF
  • USD / JPY
  • XAU / USD
  • XAG / USD
  • Brent / USD
  • Crude / USD
  • Nasdaq / USD
  • SP500 / USD
  • GER30 / USD

More language options

TurboXBT is a multilingual platform that mainly covers Europe and Asia. The platform has 16 to choose from.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Bengali
  • Thai

Countries and territories where TurboXBT does not offer its services:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Ecuador
  • Algeria
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Outer Islands of the United States
  • American Samoa

And all other countries where the company’s operations must be licensed, accredited or regulated in other ways

Deposit Methods and Withdrawal Time

There are currently only 4 methods available for deposits. Users can make deposits with:

  • ETH
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • BTC

This is what TurboXBT says about its deposit methods:

Currencies currently available for deposit are: BTC, ETH, USDT (erc-20) and USDC (erc-20).

BTC deposits require 3 block confirmations which usually take around 40 minutes;

ETH and ERC-20 tokens (USDT, USDC) require 6-10 block confirmations, which usually take around 4 minutes.

This time frame can vary for different currencies, as well as blockchain overload. Once a transfer is processed on a blockchain, it will be reflected in your transfers. TurboXBT does not charge any fee for deposits. ”

Withdrawals from TuboXBT are made in a few steps, and they are reasonably quick to make payments. All ongoing payments are processed between 12:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC. A withdrawal request made before 12:00 UTC will be processed on the same day. If the request occurs after 12:00 UTC, it will be processed the following day.
Payments are usually painless as they allow the user to add their wallet address to their approved list, or “Whitelist” as they call it. As soon as the address has been approved and ended up on this list, it can also be used for future withdrawals.

Mobile app

As of today, TurboXBT is unfortunately not available on mobile devices via the app. But it probably won’t be long before it will be available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. For now, you have to be patient. It is no problem to use the TurboXBT website via mobile or Tablet. Buttons and text may be a bit small, but it will still work just as well as via a laptop or desktop device.

Fee and fee at TurboXBT

Trading platforms like this always have some form of fee or charge. Of course, this does not only apply to trading platforms, but basically all websites that have one or the other for financial transaction.

Here are the fees at TurboXBT:

  • 0% of deposits are charged by the platform (blockchain network charges depend on network overload)
  • 0% for withdrawals (blockchain network charges depend on network congestion)
  • 0% for trading

Yes, you read that right! This is because there is ZERO percent in the fee or fee associated with TurboXBT. This is actually unique!

Security at TurboXBT

TurboXBT has several security measures to protect customers’ funds deposited on the platform for proliferation. These security mechanisms include 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), or 2-step authentication in Norwegian, offline storage, multi-sig and whitelist for addresses. All withdrawal requests are manually reviewed by the TurboXBT team to check for illegal and / or fraudulent activity. Overall, it appears that TurboXBT has implemented the minimum measures to protect the funds, but this does not mean that the platform is 100% safe. A number of cryptocurrency wallets have been hacked in recent years, and large sums belonging to users have disappeared. When this happens it is very frustrating and annoying, it all depends on the sum. But do not doubt that TurboXBT does its very best to prevent this from happening.

Social Media

TurboXBT is well represented in most well-known social media. You can find them at:












To conclude the review of TurboXBT, the platform is best suited for beginners and new traders. The spread market is simple, and individuals do not have to worry about buying and storing the actual asset. More, TurboXBT is good exposure for the world to invest in liquid assets such as cryptocurrencies and in foreign exchange markets.

In short, the trading experience on TurboXBT was satisfactory compared to other brokers and spread platforms. However, it will not be a suitable platform for experienced crypto traders and people with high net worth who want to own the actual asset. It is also worth noting that spread betting has a high level of risk, as the vast majority of retailers and investors lose money.

In addition, trading with low time frames such as 1 minute or 5 minutes can encourage poor trading habits when using an actual cryptocurrency exchange.

Author Ludvig

Ludvig har lang erfaring med kjøp og salg av kryptovaluta. De senere årene har han tatt det til et nytt nivå og prøver å leve av kryptovaluta trading. Han følger godt med på markedet og har opparbeidet seg god kompetanse på teknisk analyse mm. Vi er veldig glad for å ha Ludvig med på laget, og er det noe du lurer på angående kryptovaluta er dette mannen du spør!