Where can you pay with cryptocurrency?


One of the joys of having money is being able to spend it – right? Many people buy cryptocurrency as an investment, and thus have no concrete plans to use crypto to buy goods or services.

However, let us not forget that cryptocurrency is a means of payment that can give you lightning fast and secure transfers. However, there are limited places where you can use cryptocurrency as a payment method,

Most stores and companies allow payment with payment solutions such as Visa, MasterCard, Vipps or similar. However, Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is not as common on the list of accepted payment methods. So where can you really use crypto?

Online stores that offer cryptocurrency as a payment method

AvtaleFew online stores offer Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as a payment method, much to the disappointment of many cryptocurrency fans. But that is not to say that no online stores offer this option.

Some large, international online stores allow you to make payments with crypto. We can mention, for example, the sandwich giant Subway. It is also known that Amazon has offered the purchase of gift cards where Bitcoin can be used as a means of payment.

Expedia.com is another online store that has opened for payment with cryptocurrency, which you can also get at Microsoft and Dell online stores.

Physical stores and cafes with Bitcoin as a payment solution

Here in Denmark, there are actually a few physical stores where you can trade cryptocurrencies. E24 has, among other things, had a case where Kaffebox said that they offer payment with Bitcoin. Brattlia Økogård is another place that allows customers to use cryptocurrency for payment.

Let’s not forget cafes like The Kasbah, located in Oslo. Here, customers can pay with Bitcoin, and the same is possible with different hairdressers and hairdressers.

Online casinos

If you want to be able to use cryptocurrency online, you can also spend your money on an online casino or a betting site. There are actually many online gaming sites that allow you to deposit and withdraw money with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other crypto.

It is primarily betting sites and casinos licensed by Curaçao that offer this option so far. Here are some of the online casinos you can try, whether you want to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency:

  • Casino Masters
  • Casino Planet
  • YoYo Casino
  • Rabona
  • Casino gods

Why do so few stores offer payment with cryptocurrency?

Whether you are in Bergen, Oslo or elsewhere in Denmark, you will find surprisingly few shops and outlets that offer cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Why is it like this every day?

One of the reasons is probably that it is more difficult for the stores to document the sale. Among other things, it can provide extra work when it comes to reporting and accounting.

Another reason is that most people who buy Bitcoin do not buy them to have them as a means of payment. Most people buy cryptocurrency in the hope that the value will increase. Therefore, the stores may not see a large enough market to offer crypto.

A third reason why crypto is not usually offered as a means of payment in stores is that many of the solutions have slow transfers. Bitcoin, for example, can take ten minutes to verify the payment, which is slow in a store context, but fast when it comes to international online transfers.

Why buy cryptocurrency if you can hardly use it?

Perhaps the biggest reason why many people buy cryptocurrency is that they want to make a good investment. You can in many ways compare the purchase of cryptocurrency as an investment in stocks or other securities.

Imagine you are buying $ 500 worth of cryptocurrency today. In one year, the value of the cryptocurrency can potentially increase fivefold, which means you have a cryptocurrency worth $ 2,500. If you sell your cryptocurrency, you will make money.

Hvordan kjøpe kryptovaluta?

There are many examples of brits who have made good money by investing in cryptocurrency. However, be aware that it can be risky to invest in cryptocurrencies, as cryptocurrencies generally have quite high volatility.

High volatility simply means that the price is volatile and can quickly fall in value – or rise for that matter. There are many things that can affect the supply and demand of cryptocurrency, and thus also the exchange rate.


Private transfers to others

Also, do not forget that you can use cryptocurrency for private money transfers. If you need to send money to another, you can do this with crypto – provided the other party has a crypto wallet.

To transfer money, use the recipient’s public key (crypto address). You must also have enough money in your crypto wallet.

Private transfers with cryptocurrency are very popular as the transfers are very fast and efficient compared to most traditional payment solutions. You can transfer money internationally in seconds or minutes.

In other words, cryptocurrency is much better suited for online transfers than as a means of payment in physical stores.

Where can I invest in cryptocurrency?

If you want to buy cryptocurrency despite the fact that there are few places that allow you to use the currency for payment, you probably have a desire to make a good investment. There are several websites that allow you to buy cryptocurrency for just this purpose.

We recommend checking a crypto exchange that is secure and registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Among the most popular crypto exchanges we can mention Binance , Firi, eToro and NBX.

Buy cryptocurrency today

If you have decided to buy cryptocurrency, it is very easy to get started. Register with a crypto exchange and deposit money. Then you can buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Whether you use the money for investment or buy in online stores, you can know that crypto is both secure and effective.



Kan jeg handle med kryptovaluta hos norske butikker?

Du kan i praksis handle i norske butikker med kryptovaluta, men svært få tilbyr krypto som betalingsmiddel av praktiske årsaker.

Er kryptovaluta lovlig i Norge?

Ja, det er helt lovlig å eie og bruke kryptovaluta i Norge, selv om få tilbyr det som betalingsmiddel.

Er det lurt å investere i kryptovaluta?

Både ja og nei. Du kan potensielt tjene godt på en slik investering, men du kan også tape penger.

Author Ole

Ole jobber som freelance forfatter/skribent, men er også med på vårt team. Han har hatt en interesse for krypto i flere år og det er naturlig for han å opplyse andre om denne fantastiske teknologien. Ole sier selv at å skrive om kryptovaluta ikke er en jobb, men en lidenskap! For oss kan det jo ikke bli bedre!