That is why many choose the Norwegian crypto exchange

That is why many choose the Norwegian crypto exchange

Crypto is something that interests people all over the world, and this naturally includes Norwegians. Despite that, we do not have to go that far back in time before there was no Norwegian crypto exchange.

It was something that was sorely missed, and therefore there was a small group of people who took matters into their own hands and developed MiraiEx, which is today known as Firi. It is a Norwegian crypto exchange, which last autumn expanded to the rest of the Nordic countries.

But what exactly is the reason why there is a need for Norwegian crypto exchanges? Can’t you just use one of the other foreign crypto exchanges that are probably at least as good? In this article, we will look at why so many people choose the Norwegian crypto exchange.

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On a crypto exchange, you can trade cryptocurrencies via several trading instruments. You can, for example, shift, trade or buy on the spot. NFT etc. is also possible to buy.

What is a crypto exchange?

If you are relatively new to the game, then it is not certain that you have managed to get complete control over what a crypto exchange is. But a crypto exchange is thus a player where you get the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. More complicated than that it actually is not!


Examples of the Norwegian crypto exchange

There are many examples of crypto exchanges, such as eToro , Binance and Coinbase. But there is one thing they have the case. You can probably guess what this difference is about, but none of these are Norwegian.

There are many Norwegians who may consider using one of these crypto exchanges, but they are not Norwegian. Because of this, unfortunately, many people also choose to steer clear of these crypto exchanges – even though there is no underlying reason for it at all. This only means that prices will remain high in Great Britain , as with much else , due to a lack of competition.

Therefore, it is very practical that we also have examples of Norwegian crypto exchanges. Or to be exact – one crypto exchange that is Norwegian. It is called Firi, but previously went by the name MiraiEx. But this was changed last fall . There are many reasons for this, but we will not go into this topic here.

Firi is a good example of what a crypto exchange should be. This player not only enables you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. They can also be used as a resource if you want to learn more about the topic in general. It is very convenient!

Many people prefer Norwegian crypto exchanges

Surveys show that many people prefer to use crypto boxes. This means that Norwegian crypto exchanges are very popular among Norwegians. If we use Firi as an example again, we can say that as many as 130,000 Norwegians use this stock exchange.

But what exactly is the reason for that? Why is there such a large proportion of Norwegians who swear by Firi solely because it is Norwegian? The reasoning one has is, of course, individual, so it is more or less impossible to determine exactly what the reason is.

What we can do, however, is say what we think is the reason for this. There are many indications that people think it is safe and good with a Norwegian crypto exchange, because they know the language well. And at least we think that sounds pretty fair!

Author Ludvig

Ludvig har lang erfaring med kjøp og salg av kryptovaluta. De senere årene har han tatt det til et nytt nivå og prøver å leve av kryptovaluta trading. Han følger godt med på markedet og har opparbeidet seg god kompetanse på teknisk analyse mm. Vi er veldig glad for å ha Ludvig med på laget, og er det noe du lurer på angående kryptovaluta er dette mannen du spør!