The idea behind the name change to Firi

The idea behind the name change to Firi

In September 2021, the news came that the crypto exchange, which since 2017 had been known as MiraiEx, would change its name.

From 13. September 2021, MiraiEx would no longer go by the name MiraiEx; This day they changed their name to Firi, and in this article we will look at what was the idea behind it!

What is MiraiEx / Firi?

This is first and foremost a question that must be answered before we can move on. The question is: What is MiraiEx / Firi?

Cryptocurrency (specifically Bitcoin) took the world by storm in 2009. Back then, bitcoin was a word that was on everyone’s lips, in one form or another. Some found it very interesting, but others were very skeptical of this new concept.

For some, cryptocurrency became an investment object, but as the years went by, something became more and more apparent. At least in this country! It was the lack of a Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange, ie an all-Norwegian player that people could use to buy cryptocurrency.

There were two people in particular who saw that there was a need for this, and they gathered a small group of people who came together to develop just this. And this is how the first Norwegian crypto exchange was created, and it was named MiraiEx!

What does MiraiEx mean?

The name MiraiEx was inspired by the company that was behind the service’s name. It was Mirai Technologies AS.

If, on the other hand, we dive a little deeper and look at the very meaning of the word, then mirai means “future” in Japanese. This gives us a clue that MiraiEx had future ambitions at that time. They wanted to make it big!

Firi is MiraiEx’s new name

As mentioned in the introduction, the crypto exchange only went by the name MiraiEx for four years, from the start in 2017 to the autumn of 2021. In September 2021, it was announced that the crypto exchange was facing a name change.

The name change was announced 7. September 2021, and already 13. September, the change took effect. From then on, MiraiEx should be known as and go by the name Firi.

Derfor byttet BLNO navn til Firi-ligaen

What does “Firi” mean?

“Firi” is not anchored in the company’s name in the same way as MiraiEx was. But that does not mean that there was not a clear idea behind the name change, because it was without a doubt.

It is quite possible that you recognize the word “firi”, especially if you are interested in language and history in addition to crypto. “Firi” is a loanword from Norse, and it means “lighthouse”.

Why did MiraiEx change its name?

However, there is one thing many people may have wondered about, and that is why MiraiEx actually changed its name. What inspired the company to change the name of the service, and why did it go so fast from the time they announced it until the change took effect?

The name change to MiraiEx probably led to many people asking questions about the process around it all. But according to Firi himself, there was no drama behind the choice that MiraiEx should henceforth be known as Firi. It was just that MiraiEx no longer suited them in terms of their ambitions for the future:

  • The team behind Firi believed that it was time to build a bridge between the traditional and the modern.
  • They wanted Firi to be Great Britain ‘s simplest and safest platform for buying and selling crypto. It should also be a platform where everyone felt included.
  • They wanted to make buying and selling digital currency as easy as they knew it could by allowing those who wanted to learn about and operate it in one place.

The team simply did not feel that MiraiEx was a name that reflected what they wanted it to reflect anymore. At least not considering the plans they had in mind for the time ahead. They acknowledged that MiraiEx was a good name, but that it was time for something new:

  • They needed a new identity that gave a clear picture of the crypto exchange’s values and ambitions. The latter included, among other things, that the crypto exchange should expand its offer to the rest of the Nordic region.
  • They wanted a name that they could take full ownership of, and that they could fill with meaning and watch grow as the cryptocurrency exchange grew.
  • At the same time, the name had to be both unique and simple.

So even though the process of changing names went relatively quickly for the general public, this overview shows that it was far from it. At least not for the team that works with it. The name change was a well-considered choice that is rooted in a number of good arguments.

The reason for the name change is reflected in the crypto exchange’s logo

It was not just the name that became new from 13. September 2021 The crypto exchange also got a completely new look, which included a completely new logo. According to the Firi team, this is a logo that was developed based on reflection and consideration.

In the middle of the logo you can see something reminiscent of the florine, as well as the symbol of eternity. It is a symbol that has been used on a number of currencies for centuries. In this way, Firi expresses that they bind the past and the present together to create something eternal. It is the only thing that works if you want to make progress, regardless of what it is about.

This meant the name change for the customers

At the time of writing, it’s starting to be a few months since the name change to MiraiEx was a fact, and this is something most people know. But in the days that followed the announcement, there were probably many questions floating around, including this:

  • Will the name change mean anything to me as a customer?

This type of question has probably been silenced for almost half a year, but we can still mention it. Firi made it clear quite early on that the name change would have no bearing on those who used their services. These were the only noticeable changes:

  • Firi got a whole new look, including a cool logo.

Regardless of whether the name is MiraiEx or Firi, the Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange will in any case be the safe and good player that makes it easy for you to both buy or sell cryptocurrency!

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