Alternative to investing locally in Great Britain

Alternative to investing locally in Great Britain

Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency or another form of investment, many people associate this with something international. The cryptocurrencies come from around the world and the large companies are also from countries other than small Great Britain . However, it is not the case that all investment opportunities are only available abroad. Here we take a closer look at how it is possible to support more locally in Great Britain and Norwegian companies through investments.

English cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, alternatives such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins are often the biggest players. These are the ones we hear most about and who are internationally known. But did you know that there are also Norwegian alternatives for cryptocurrency?

Among other things, the cryptocurrency IOTA , which was launched in 2017, was founded by a team consisting of a Norwegian. Already in 2015, the Norwegian David Sønstebø started making this cryptocurrency together with three other men. The currency received a huge response and was actually worth as much as 78 billion kroner at one time. There may well be more Norwegians who are developing a cryptocurrency from Great Britain in particular. Among other things, the Norwegian Ethereum developer Jon Ramvi has thoughts about the development of cryptocurrency, which you can read about here:—kryptovaluta-bare-et -necessary-evil-for-the-blockchain / 75051492

Derfor velger mange norsk kryptobørs

English e company on the Oslo Stock Exchange

In addition to cryptocurrency, it is also popular to invest in mutual funds and stocks. Here it is also possible to seek out Norwegian alternatives, with Norwegian companies that are listed on the stock exchange. By trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange, you support both the Norwegian stock market and Norwegian companies. Here it is possible to buy shares from large and well-known companies in Great Britain , such as Equinor, Aker and English Hydro.
Equinor in particular is a favorite that is often highlighted. You can learn more about investing in Equinor shares here: . Regardless of whether you go for a large company like this, british banks or smaller companies, there is a lot to invest in in United Kingdom as well. Thus, it is not necessary to seek out only large international companies such as Apple, Alphabet, etc.

Invest in real estate and local businesses

Last but not least, there are of course many opportunities to invest more locally. This can be done by, among other things, investing in housing in Great Britain or other smaller and more physical companies around the country. These investments are more physical and are often associated with traditional bank loans and repayments, but there is nothing to stop you from using, among other things, saved crypto funds for these investments. By finding the right players or withdrawing investments at the right time, one can “convert” one’s crypto investments into physical assets of value – such as housing in United Kingdom : /

As we can see, it is not necessary to go abroad to invest either physically or digitally. Thus, there are many opportunities for Norwegians who want to invest in both crypto, stocks and physical valuables, but keep it more local and national. In addition, it is worth mentioning that although many cryptocurrencies and shares are often not Norwegian, there are today many Norwegian platforms and websites for trading. This way you can buy and sell without having to deal with English or other languages with confusing expressions and challenges.

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