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Trading cryptocurrency involves a high risk and you can lose all your money. Be aware of current regulations and risks before you trade.

Viable Altcoins investment options


Cryptocurrency use and acceptance is growing and so should be our knowledge about them. The digital currencies are a product of human genius and technology that grows very fast. Currently, cryptocurrencies come in two primary forms including coins and tokens. This difference in cryptocurrencies forms a key subject of discussion in our other post. Bitcoin …

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How do cryptocurrencies and blockchains work?

Bitcoin blockchain

Cryptocurrency can be defined as a digital and non-physical asset, where cryptography is used to create new currency units and secure / verify transactions. There is decentralized currency control, which means that no banks or authorities control the currency. This can be seen in contrast to the ordinary fiat currency and Norwegian kroner, where the …

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The most traded cryptocurrencies


There are many different popular cryptocurrencies although most may only be familiar with a few of these. In total, there are many thousands of different cryptocurrencies available, but there are of course a few that are much more used than others. also read All about cryptocurrency One of the most common ways to measure how …

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Buy Ethereum

Buy ethereum

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a very well-known form of cryptocurrency. If you want to buy Ethereum, it’s relatively easy to get started. In this guide, we will explain in more detail what Ethereum is, as well as where and how the cryptocurrency can be purchased. also read What you need to know about blockchains What …

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