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Trading cryptocurrency involves a high risk and you can lose all your money. Be aware of current regulations and risks before you trade.

Cryptocurrency Prices are Tumbling. Why?


Cryptocurrencies in their varieties names continue to get a lucrative space in the minds of budding investors. Investors today do not necessarily focus on the traditional stocks but look outwards to something new, a new experience of sorts. The cryptocurrency is an opportunity for such adventure-seeking investors. Today, there are a lot of conversations around …

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Withdrawing your bitcoin investments and returns


So many people are getting into bitcoin trading every other day regardless of the divided opinions about it. It is my guess that as you read this post now, you already know someone who has thought about bitcoin investing or is already actively in it. Also, you know that bitcoin provides a new form of …

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So what is cryptocurrency staking?


Staking is by no means a strange word, at least not to anyone who has been through the exciting yet sometimes disappointing streets of betting and gambling. A betting firm will for example give odds and allow you to place money so that if your guess or rather gamble is positive, you get a payout. …

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Swapping your Cryptocurrency


By now you must have already noticed that with the growth of cryptocurrency acceptance, new variants continue to emerge. People are becoming more intelligent and so is the growth of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin and other existing altcoins are not just strange words on the streets today. As much as people may not know just …

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How to short bitcoin

bitcoin short

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies in general, are known for their high volatility. As most crypto enthusiasts know, this means that the price varies greatly. This means that it is risky to invest in cryptocurrency, because you basically do not know what will happen the next morning. As a direct result of this, many people are …

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Use cryptocurrency online

Use cryptocurrency online

Cryptocurrency seems to be on everyone’s lips during the day. Bitcoin sets new records, new currencies are released on the market and it is almost as if you have fallen completely off the load if you have not yet secured any coins. From a pure investment object, cryptocurrency seems to be in full swing as …

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Buying bitcoin has never been easier: this is how you do it

bitcoin trading tips

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital and alternative currency that works independently of banks) that was launched in 2009. Bitcoin is popularly called “digital gold”, and it has been perhaps the most attractive investment this decade. That’s because of an insane increase in value. When the crypto was first launched, the digital coins cost just under …

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