Nintendo interested in NFT and Metaverse

Nintendo interested in NFT and Metaverse

In October 2021 came the news that Facebook is changing its name. It made many people close their eyes. Facebook can not change name then? Facebook has been the name of the online community that we love to hate and hate that we love for almost two decades!

But nope, the controversial but popular online community used by nearly 2 billion worldwide will still go by the name Facebook. Only the company that runs the online community changes its name. The company’s new name is Meta!

So what does Meta mean?

The name “Meta” refers to metaverse. It is a term used to explain the development that the Internet is facing. In the meta-verse, the digital and the physical are brought even closer together. The distinction between reality and virtual reality is becoming more and more blurred.

Facebook, or Meta as they are now called, will focus on metaverse. It has provided fuel for the fire for many exciting discussions. Among other things, the use of non-fungible tokens in the meta-verse has become a topic of conversation, and major players such as Nintendo have expressed their interest in it.

We can let Mark Zuckerberg introduce Meta:

Nintendo’s interest emerges in a Q&A session

Nintendo hosts regular financial conferences, and this time it included a Q&A session. David Gibson was present during the current conference, and he was able to inform that Nintendo is also interested in metaverse:

We are interested in this area. We see the potential in that.

But even though Nintendo has said that they are interested in metaverse, nothing is set in stone at the moment. The rest of the tweet reads as follows:

But we wonder what joy we can offer in this area. This is something that is difficult to define right now.

So there you have it – Nintendo has also been fascinated by the metaverse concept, and it is quite possible that such a project will be relevant sometime in the future. But at the time of writing, there is nothing to suggest that the gaming giant has any concrete plans for this right now.

A little recap from Q&A with Nintendo:

Metaverse will be visible in several places

David Gibson stressed that Nintendo’s comment was in accordance with metaverse and not non-fungible tokens. But even if that’s the status of them right now, it’s not just in video games that metaverse will play a big role in the coming years.

What other than video games do you depend on to access the internet to be able to operate? Cryptocurrency! We are of course talking about cryptocurrency.

If metaverse becomes as large as it seems to be as of today, there is reason to believe that we will see ripple effects of metaverse also in connection with cryptocurrency. Maybe, for example, new cryptocurrencies based on metaverse technology will emerge?

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Time will tell

It was Facebook, or Meta, that kicked off work on the meta-verse. It is apparently already well underway, and it will be very interesting to see what this development has to offer in the next few years. Nintendo and many more players have expressed their interest in the new concept, but how things will be, yes, time will tell!

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